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On-wall speakers are often dynamically challenged, especially in the lower octaves. This isn't the case with the Legacy Silhouette Pro. It provides top-to-bottom performance with plenty of slam. The three-way design features a newly engineered 10" low-profile long-excursion woofer and pneumatically coupled radiator to lay the foundation supporting the high acceleration 7" silver/graphite midrange. Treble remains clear and airy from the 4" Legacy AMT ribbon, boasting a high-temperature pleated Kapton diaphragm and neodymium motor.

The internal crossover divides the spectrum precisely where the wall boundary creates a strong dip in the response of conventional speakers. This compensation in the electrical network allows for the appropriate response at the listening position. The result is a speaker that does not sound like an on-wall with staging beyond the wall.

French cleat-mounting brackets make for quick installation on the wall surface.

The Silhouette Pro may be ordered with an oversized outer baffle for in-wall installations. Please consult the manual for the various mounting options available to you.


  • Application: On-wall full range for mains or side channels
  • System Type: Three way, passive radiator
  • Mounting: Wall mount with bracket
  • System Directivity: 60 degrees horizontally, 45 degrees vertically
  • Tweeter: 4" AMT
  • Midwoofer: 7" Silver/Graphite
  • Bass: 10" long throw low-profile motor
  • Low Frequency Alignment: 10" passive radiator
  • Freq. Response (Hz, +/-3dB): 42-28k
  • Sensitivity (Room, dB@ 2.83V): 92 dB
  • Crossover Freq. (Hz): 250, 2.5k
  • Inputs: 1 pair binding post, recessed cup
  • Dimensions (inches) HxWxD: 35.5 x 13.125 x 4.6 (add 5/8" to depth if grille is required)
  • Weight: 50 lbs each
  • In Wall Dimensions (inches) HxWxD:Cabinet body: 35.5 x 13.125 x 3.75 Outer baffle: 37 x 18.5 x .75
  • In Wall Grille Dimensions (inches) HxWxD: 37 x 18.5 x .75
  • In Wall Weight: 55 lbs each

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