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She.Sb 16

I love the sub even though I'm in an apartment for now-movies,music much


Emotiva XSP-1

Excellent amp

Not absolutely quite. You can hear a faint hiss if you stick your ear next to a tweeter, but unnoticeable otherwise. It’s quite big so not easy to fit. It’s got a lot of power and sounds very nice. I’m satisfied and have no regrets buying this amp. It replaced a Musical Fidelity A3cr which was a bit lacking in terms of power for my use. Build quality is top notch. Excellent value.

XPA-5 Gen-3 Amplifier

Simply an astounding amp. Emotiva products can't be beaten in this price range. The people at Summit are the best!

Fantastic sub

Great service. Worth every penny. Extraordinary build and sound quality. I am dealing with some distortion and fluttering issues over the last few months but I believe the cause is the wireless transmitter I'm currently using.

Prime towers are excellent

The Prime towers are excellent speakers. Clarity and tonality is great. The towers are also great with bass heavy tracks. They output tons of bass. The Primes blow away my previous Energy Connoisseur towers and those were great speakers.

Amazing speakers

These speakers sound incredible and look even better. They were the perfect way to upgrade my home theatre system. As far as value goes I think these are the best bang for your buck. There are a lot more expensive speakers out there that I don’t think could sound that much better. I am very pleased with my purchase

Great easy transaction

The purchase was very one-one and we complete it very quick. I am looking forward to get my matching sub soon.

Awesome service

Quick and easy transaction with support when needed. Highly recommend.

Excellent Floor Standers

These speakers have the typical Dynaudio sound - neutral and refined. Despite being one of their entry level floor standers, I was very impressed with the overall tone and the ability to convey many small details. They are not difficult to drive but do like a bit of current. I really like that they have a detailed but refined top end with no brightness and the bass is tight. I use them in a very small room but they work just fine - no boom and they also play very well quietly.


NuPrime STA-9 Power Amplifier - 120W x 2 (8 Ohms) & 290W Mono ( Oh My! )


Emotiva XSP-1

XPA-7 GEn3

I really glad that got my XPA-7 Gen3 from Summit Hi-Fi store. The owner has very good knowledge of the product, and help me to pick the right choice. I definitely will come back for other components ( speakers, DAC or Pre-amp) in the future.


Emotiva all the way !!!!!! High end at lower cost.....

Great service

Great service

Fantastic speakers

Unbelievably clear sound and deep rich base. Couldn’t be happier.

Great amplifier

Lots of clean power and no problems driving the main channels on my Anthem AVM 60 processor. Very disappointed that Summit is no longer an authorized dealer for Emotiva.


It arrived. Beautiful sub. Plugged in to my Emotiva sub out and low output from sub. No earthshaking sound. Fall of 2017 sub has power,lights but no output. I would send sub back but can not transport 150 lbs box until snow melts. Thank god for 5 year warranty.

Emotiva XPA-1 monoblocks

Both amps have worked as expected and flawlessly! They presently power a pair of Rita-9’s and have far more power than I’ll ever use. These amps can play at truly deafening volumes, however I rarely use them where you see the power meters even move. Good clean and extremely powerful amps. Best purchase I’ve ever made!

Svs ultra bookshelf and sb-1000 piano white

Absolutely loving these speakers. Just waiting for a white piano gloss ultra center to match!

Thanks again

Great service and product

Meant to write this review earlier but anyways Aamir from summit hifi went out of his way on closed hours to answere my questions which i really respect and the pb 2000 is worth the money. I finally have a sub that i havnt returned. Ive gone through about 7 subwoofers until i ordered an SVS lol

Emotive rca cables

Excellent product. Sound great and really good price. Will buy again as needed.

Great Product and even better service

Love my new amp but was really impressed with the service. Had several questions and was contacted after store hours at home by Aamir. Matched up with my Bryston Mini T speakers i'm in Hi-Fi heaven! Will buy from Summit Hi-Fi again!

Emotiva XPA-2

Wonderfull communication with Aamir and very great product. Emotiva are great amps and i absolutely love this one, the sound is great and the bass is responsive, it finaly brought my Polk Rti A9’s to life.

SVS SB-4000

Amazing sub for both music and movies.


Terrific product (svs sb4000, ultra bookshelf) and fantastic service. Simply could not ask for more from a retailer!


A pleasure to deal with. I love the SVS SB 16 Ultra!


XPA Gen-3 Amplifiers ( XPA2-XPA7)

Great product and service

Having never really heard of NuPrime previously and never having considered Class D amps I was pleasantly surprised by this relatively small amp.
It sure packs a punch though, at 120wpc, it pairs perfectly with my KEF Q350 speakers. It gets plenty loud, there's no hiss or hum, bass is tight, midrange is great and the soundstage is big. It sounds a little warm but if you aren't into that a bit of EQ would easily fix it.

The only complaint I have is that it was shipped with a EU power cord instead of a US one but Aamir offered to ship the correct cord without any hesitation.

Amazing service

I purchased a svs pb 16 ultra with summit hifi and couldn’t be happier very helpful staff and courteous. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for great service

Best product!!

This product is really awesome and worth the money!!