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Awesome Amp, awesome service!

I’d been looking for an amp to upgrade my current Denon AVR X6700h to a pre amp system. I came across this amp online and I have to admit I was skeptical. I’d never heard of Summit Hi-Fi. I’ll tell you now, I’m sure glad I took a chance and ordered this beast . The amp runs my 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos theater perfectly. Plenty of clean pure power and a noticeable improvement to the sound stage. Honestly, the amp should cost a lot more for what you get. When you order yours and hook it up, you’ll be writing a review just like I did. The product, service, delivery and performance is truly impressive. Great job Summit Hi-Fi!!!!

Tonewinner AD-5100PA+ 100WX5 Channel Power Toroidal Amplifier

Honestly worth taking the chance on. This is the little amp that could. Really sounds confident and clean running my theater speakers. The center channel was where you really noticed the difference made the dialogue clearer right up. The effects speakers really came to life. It’s easy to recommend! I went from an anthem Mrx720 to this and I can say it’s much more immersive.

Tonewinner quality

I purchased the AD5100PA+ amplifier to reduce the load on my Denon AVR-X4700H. I'm running my 5 bed layer (4 JBL 530, 1 Emotiva C1+). Denon is only powering my 4 heights, Emotiva A1. After calibrating my system I could immediately notice a difference. The biggest difference was the noticeable improvement in detail from my speakers, even at lower volume levels. The denon isn't bad but yes, the tonewinner is worth every penny. For about $450 with free shipping and the best customer service from Amir, it's the best. If I was needing a new sub that D2000 would be it. I listen to alot of music also and with music WOW!!!

Tone Winner SW-D2000 12'' Ported Subwoofer

Aamir, as everyone has expressed really goes above and beyond. We need retailers like him that make this hobby fun. He is willing to bend over backwards for you. Truly a classy guy. The sub is fantastic. Its integrates very well and has great output. SPL is there. If you are looking for a new sub I wouldnt hesitate. Only thing I wish it had were speaker level inputs. Another wish list item would be if in the app you could create diffrent profiles. Ie Music and Movies. I should mention when using Anthem ARC - the sub literally mesaured perfect after the corrections. It hits the target curve 100%

As Promised

Item as described and delivered very fast. Outstanding !

The best by far at any price!!!

The best by far at any price!!!...I've been working on replacing my 1990's home theater system. I've always have been tech savvy, but the technology today is so much more advance since the 90's, so this meant a lot of research is required to get the best technology for the money with what my setup and needs are. Having said that, there are three components that makes up your home theater system, and each one is just as important as the other, but the one component of them that is most important of components, is quality amplifier! I have spent no less than five month and several hundred hours on line researching all of the three components, because I'm the guy who doesn't have $15,000.00 - $30,000.00 to buy the "so called" best of the best of all the components. I've come to find after all my time invested researching the actual specification, and the materials and internal components of these devises, that no matter what all these so-called influencers and so-called experts say on YouTube and on-line articles...It comes down to the Spec's, internal components, and material used. Not Name brand and price...More money in most cases is not always better! My home theater AVR is A Denon X6800H, awesome 11 channel unit!! I'd only recommend any Denon AVR for home theater! Right now, I'm running Klipsch speakers which are entry level but I'm going to make my final decision on speakers soon. If you hung in her this long, thank you! Now this is why I made the choice to purchase the Summit Hi-Fi A11 amplifier! I have eleven channel Denon AVR. Having said that, after looking into what is the most cost-effective way to get 11 channel Amplifier: do I break it up into multiple amplifiers or do I do one amplifier? What the research showed was, no matter if you bought multiple amps., or one to get the job done there was a set industry cost to the number of watts per channel your needs call for, and the number of channels your looking for, for your setup. (Again, set cost for watts and channels) Based on these finding I found that whether I break it up or not I'm looking at spending no less than $4,500.00 or more to get 11 channels amplified. Crazy!! You name the brand of amplifier and I looked at every spec of every one. Just when I was about to give up, this 11-channel amplifier pop up in a search and it was the Summit Hi-Fi A11 amplifier for less than $2,000.00. My first thought was this cannot be right! So, I compared the spec's, internal components and material used in this product and compared them to ALL the others, and after speaking with the owner, Aamir who by the way is the most professional, patient, knowledgeable and no pressure, not tell you what you want to hear just to buy his product business owner I've ever met with. His customer service is unlike no other. The product was promptly shipped, awesome experience!!...GREAT GUY!! I have the unit a week. Even with my entry level Klipsch's speakers the sound quality is AMAZING!! Not only can I hear sound now on all my eleven speakers so much better, I can now hear the rain, I can hear the birds, bugs, wind you name it now on all my surround speakers as well! If you are looking for THE BEST amplifier there is on the market regardless of price. The Summit Hi-Fi A11 amplifier is the one!! The last thing I like to suggest to anyone looking for an amplifier is, whether you have a five channel all the way up to an 11-channel surround sound home theater system. Bye this eleven channel A11. You may not think so now, but the day will come when you will upgrade and you will regret not having the most important and one of the most expensive items needed for your system when you do! You look at any so-called big name brand 3, 5, or 7 channel amplifiers out there. You'll spend more than $2,000.00 from any one of them!! You get it all with unit! I've been in contact with Aamir who is helping me with technical questions regarding floor speakers for my needs.

What a beast! Heavy with a purpose, delivering ear candy with every ounce.

First, let me start off by stating how great the customer service is from Aamir at Summit Hi-Fi. After I placed my order online for the Tonewinner 11-channel amp, Aamir immediately called and thanked me for my order. He then explained that for a short time, I could get the Summit Hi-Fi A11 for just a little more. I took the chance, and I am so glad I did. From the display, to raw power, this Amp delivers on all fronts. Went from a Monolith 7 channel amp, and I can tell you there is a significant difference. No noise/hiss at any level, clear audio delivery, awesome sound stage. The amp really brings my Emotiva speakers to life. Delivery was fast, with a minor issue. Customs opened the crate and damaged one of the feet, but Aamir immediately made things right! This is my second major audio purchase from Summit Hi-Fi and it will definitely not be my last. I would be remiss if I did not mention how big a value this amp is at the price point. No other amp delivers this big with 11 channels at under 2k. You will have to spend significantly more for the same power/channel count and performance with other brands.

Eversolo DMP 8

Summit HiFi and Amir are outstanding to do business with. Great price and fast shipment.
The DMP-8 is just what I wanted. The DAC section is top notch makes recordings sound as they were intended by the sound engineers. No harshness digital sound, very transparent with good bass extension. Sound stage and imaging are wide with good separation and good air around instruments. So far, I'm using Wi-Fi with my mobile phone as the server off internal SD card. Sometimes it takes a while to make the connection. Not sure why! I do plan on installing a SSD and that should solve any problems I'm having. Great value/excellent product. Recommend both SummitHifi and the DMP-8!


Just got this into my rack and added it to a new JBL Preprocessor and speakers. So far so good. The amp pushes my speakers will relative ease and I’m looking forward to getting the speaker through the break in period so that I can really listen to the difference this amp has made to my system.

NuPrime PRA-9X Preamp
Marco Brenes Montero

Exc preamp, it really enhanced all my system, in all aspects. This had been the most dramatically upgrade I have made in my stereo in years.

Amazing sound and awesome value! SW-D6000

I started looking to upgrade my SVS subs and came across the Tone Winner SW-D6000’s. Ended up watching and reading reviews on them and decided to give them a shot. I got in touch with Aamir at Summit Hifi and he answered all my questions and gave me a full run down on them. Picked them up and couldn’t be happier. The Tonewinner app is awesome and made them very easy to set up and use. The bass they provide is amazing! I heard bass in music and movies that wasn’t there before. Did a demo with John Wick 3 and the scene with the shot gun blasts going off was like getting punched in the chest!

I highly recommend these subs and the customer service from Aamir was nothing but amazing. Exactly as the reviews I read had stated.

Tonewinner AD5100

I’m using this for my ceiling speakers. More than enough power. Awsome amp

Fantastic Service

Very easy, received in time, all perfect

Best way to organize DVD collection

Very simple to use

A beast in a suit

This was one of the best purchases I have made towards my home theatre setup. Reticent in looks, but grabs attention when it's on duty. Built like a tank with elegance. Brought body and heft to my LCR with wider imaging and the surrounds are more lively giving the punch when the movie demands it. Shows no sense of strain even at reference levels and beyond. Just keeps going. And while doing that, the thing stays cool to the touch. I never managed to get it to kick start its fans. Power is the only attribute it adds. And the amp is quiet. With highly sensitive Klipsch reference tower speakers, it is pin-drop silence from my listening position. Truly happy with it and would recommend it to anybody who wants a pure power amp that delivers power.

DMP- A-8

Was very easy to configurated and has great sound .No sure if it sounds better then DMP-A6.( its looks better ! ).

Klipsch Dolby Atmos Speakers

Big sound. Awsome looking speakers. Exactly what you can expect from Klipsch


I'm getting sick of typing this same thing over and over again I'm just going to cut and paste from the last Facebook forum conversation I just had a few minutes ago.

"I added one of these to my system that also contains an emotiva MR1 which has similar power to the base x 5. It made a GIGANTIC difference."

"Never heard of them before. If my Rotel ever bites the dust I’m giving them a call!!! That’s a lot of amp for the price! Having two toroids really makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd. And the price!"

"I don't have a ton of experience with higher end audio gear but I did a LOT of research for about 75 days. This thing weighs 82 pounds and it sounds amazing. To give you an idea of what I first noticed, when I first turn on the system the default volume is at 30 (out of 80} on the emotiva by itself. That gives you a fairly low level volume for a start and then you move that up just a touch to listen to news and stuff. When I added the summit it fired it up to the default of 30 it was substantially louder. Changing the new default to 20 made it play at the same level as the emotiva alone at 30."

"Speaking of giving them a call. Amir from summit called me on a Sunday afternoon after I submitted a question on a form. He answered all of my questions on a call that took approximately 25 minutes. I ordered the unit immediately after and had it by Wednesday. No shipping charge and no tax. An amazing experience."

"My big Rotel is a RMB 1095. 200 wpc and two toroids. My “little” - RMB 1075- is 125 wpc and only one toroid. The 1075 sounds wonderful. But the 1099 is at a totally different level. Compared at same volume the 2 toroids make for big, but much more detailed bass, fuller mids and the highs are even better! The 1099 sounds like it’s similar to your Summit. Certainly “feels” that way. Weighs a few pounds less than yours- even comes with built in wheels for gods sake.
That Summit is a real find! You’re getting sound you shouldn’t be getting at that price."

How's that?

Versatile Digital Solution

The Eversolo DMP-A8 is a pretty cool device. It is a preamp, DAC and streamer in one box. I probably have 300 hours on it so far and my preferred set-up has its DAC/Streamer feeding my tube-based PrimaLuna Dialogue preamp which outputs to Quicksilver MidMono amps (Tesla NOS EL34s) driving Klipsch Belle speakers and a 1000 watt SVS sub. When I fed the A8, as a preamp, directly into my Quicksilvers the set-up sounded great on some songs but was a little too forward leaning to my liking on other songs. I have not yet compared the A8's R2R DAC with my Denafrips Ares II (separate system) but no doubt I will put it to the test in the coming months.

My streaming service is Qobuz which offers a wide variety of high res music. Set-up on the A8 was really straight forward. The iPhone app adds convenience because you can tweak from your listening position. There are useful DSP functions for shaping your audio ouput, which I have played around with, but have this feature turned off at the present time. I like the darkest setting on the round VU meters as my standard A8 faceplate. The one feature that I still have not mastered is the onboard SSD. I purchased a 4TB Crucial drive that was super easy to install but moving files to the A8 has not been easy. It might be because I am on a wireless network but I can't find any useful YouTube videos that explain the do's and don'ts of this process. Maybe Summit HiFi can publish some useful instructions.

Other than this last point I am impressed with the A8 and highly recommend it!

Eversolo DMP-8

Very pleased! Absolutely top quality streamer/DAC/pre-amp. Service from SummitHIFI was excellent. Highly recommended.


I couldn't be happier with the performance oft his amp and the service provided by SummitHiFi-USA. I would highly recommend them for your electronics needs.

Fantastic amplifier

Greate support and good delivery to belgium. Maybe include in the manual where to find the 230V switches because this was not clear. But what clear sound at any volume! Very heavy but seeing the output does explain why it is so heavy. Overal very happy!

Great sounding amp , very pleased with the quality of the build and sound .

Amazing streaming DAC

Highly Recommend the Eversolo A-8. I already owned an A-6, which I have since taken to my office. The A-6 was great; the A-8 is even better, with amazing sense of space and imaging.

Eversolo DMP -8

I Am still having problems with my connection to Spotify. I will continue to try for one more week otherwise I will need your help to have it inspected. Thanks