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SB 3000 Micro Subwoofer
Prabhu Ramasamy Chandrasekar
Happy with my SB 3000 micro

My Emotiva XS8 wasn't delivering enough impact below 40Hz, and I needed a smaller subwoofer that could fit in my condo. The SB 3000 micro was the only other option that matched the size constraint and could provide deeper impact 23hz+. Although it was significantly more expensive, it has proven to be worth every penny. Amir guided me through the options without any push for an upsell and helped me get a great deal. Thanks to him, I'm very satisfied with my choice.

SB 3000 micro sub

Very satisfied for the sound of that sub. Excellent service from Summit Hi-Fi!

Aamir was right about the Tone Winner SW-D2000s!!!

When it comes to home theater subs I was always partial to the SVS brand.At the time I had three PB-1000 pro subwoofers in home theater setup and about 6 months ago I decided to upgrade so I sold my PB-1000s and ordered two of the Tone Winner SW-D2000 subs.But before they arrived I almost cancelled my order and was going to switch to the Stark Sound SW-15s until I called Aamir and he convinced me that the Stark would not have near the output of the Tone Winner SW-D2000s and man was he right!I was absolutely blown away by the power output and the pure slam factor of these subs!!I called Aamir back a week later and ordered a third SW-D2000 sub.Before when I had the three SVS PB-1000 pros in my 2200 cubic ft space I felt that was good enough but these three Tone Winner SW-D2000 subs have just taken my setup to a whole different level!!Big things do come in small packages the Tone Winner SW-D2000 gets my highest recommendation!!!!Special thanks again to Aamir for always returning my calls and for having great customer service and for continuing to offer great products that won't break the bank!Your the best.

Eversolo DMP-A6 Master Edition Streamer - No Tax - In Stock

Product was awesome

This amp rocks!

Really really impressed with this amp — using it for 11.1ch music in my media room and it sounds fantastic. Replacing 3 Sony TA-N9000 amps and they just don’t even compare. Build quality, packaging, build quality, customer service, sound and punch all 100%. Very very satisfied, thank you very much!

Tone Winner SW-D4000 12'' Ported Subwoofer - In Stock

TW AD-1PRE+ Amplifier
Michael Wright
Simply incredible. Mark Levinson, take notice.

Me and my buddy, for sheets and giggles purchased the ToneWinner AD-2PRO+ integrated amplifiers. We are goofy like that, a YouTube video featuring that amp caught my eye, so I called up Ed, and one of us said let's buy two and get a deal. So, we did, and we got a good deal. And then the journey started... And in a way, it ended.

I paired this ToneWinner AD-1PRE+ with the ToneWinner AD-2PRO+ integrated amplifier. Now why would I do that? Well, I wanted a few more connections, and figured if the integrated AD-2PRO+ DAC/Preamp section sounds incredible, so should this AD-1PRE+ unit, and it does, and even better... So, I called Ed, we each bought one, his in black, mine in silver and black, and got another deal... Neither of us are married, so we can get away with this stuff. ;-)

The build quality? It is first class across the board, built like a tank with the feel of a fine Swiss Watch. If they cut any corners on build quality, I have yet to find it. This is a gorgeous piece, both physically and sonically, especially in black.

I have been running it through its paces for around two weeks now, my friend has had his for around three weeks, we both listen to ours daily, along with communicating our findings, pretty much on a daily basis. Sonically, I have not found any faults in it when paired with the AD-2PRO+ amplifier. The DAC is incredible to say the least. We have ran it up against numerous DACs, and the ToneWinner is always the winner!

The DACs we have put up against the ToneWinner AD-1PRE+… These are just some of the DACs we own, and have owned, only being replaced when something better comes along. And right now, the ToneWinner AD-1PRE+ is the KING of the HILL!

Bel Canto 3
Bel Canto 3.7
PS Audio Stellar Gaincell
PS Audio DirectStream MKI
Audio GD R28
Audio GD D28
Denafrips Ares II
Denafrips Venus II 12th
Schiit Gumby
SMSL SU-1 ;-)

The music myself and my buddy listen to, mainly Jazz and R&B, he has a vast library and we both stream. I can say, DSD sounds simply incredible over this DAC, as do SACDs. This has a very analog sound to it, and we sure do like it.

The DAC in this ToneWinner is something to be heard, it should not be discounted. I do not know what ToneWinner stuffed in there, we are thinking some sort of DSP magic is hidden in the circuitry. The way this DAC separates the instruments, being able to see where the individual musicians are on the stage is second to none, especially at this price point.

The midrange, the male and female voicing is the best out of the above bunch, everything comes across as very natural sounding, it puts the singer in the room with you. This is not a clinical sounding DAC. There is zero fatigue with this DAC, none that I have heard, and I will sit here for hours listening, as does my friend. We have no nagging women around, so we can do this. ;-)

The treble, or top end, no complaints, see the above, very natural sounding.

The Bass, that is handled incredibly well, it sounds tight when it is intended to, and mellow when it is meant to be, and there is just enough to go around to the point it is not overbearing. Bass is balanced and natural sounding. Well done ToneWinner!

Cables, especially speaker cables when paired up with the ToneWinner AD amplifiers, they will make a difference, and it is NOT SUBTLE. You do not need to A/B test cables, you can if you want, but in my brief time with these two units, the preamp and integrated, cable changes are very pronounced, it is damn scary. I have never owned gear like this, the sensitivity is simply nuts in my book.

The same can be said with linear power supplies on streamers and other DC powered gear.

The USB input of the AD-1PRE+, I was quite taken aback at the sound quality, I was actually blown away. I have never had a USB connection sound this good without a dedicated DDC in between.

The included remote. It is a nice solid aluminum remote, with each source clearly labeled. The volume control, it is smooth and in .25 db increments.

The analog input section, simply sounds incredible. I have a Cayin 220Ti FM Tuner hooked up via RCA, and I have never heard a stand alone FM tuner sound this good.

That brings me to the holographic ability of this pairing, the AD-2PRO+ amplifier and the AD-1PRE+ DAC/Preamp. The holographic abilities is silly good, very 3 dimensional, and very very cool.

This ToneWinner AD-1PRE+ simply takes the music to another level. I personally have not experienced such sonic perfection in anything I have owned, not like this, and not at this price. That Venus DAC cost more than these two pieces. .

Speakers, Zu DW6 Supremes, Magnepan LRS+, Fritz Carbon 7 SE MKII and Tyler Acoustic Woodmeres.

If you are in the market for a solid DAC/Preamp, the ToneWinner AD-1PRE+ should be at the top of your list, unless you plan on spending say $12,000 for that Mark Levinson integrated. ToneWinner AD-2PRO+ and AD-1PRE+, the end of the journey ...

Fantastic product

These are speakers that work for nearly every situation and sound great. Highly recommended! Aamir is the best and I look forward to ordering from him again.

DMP A8 Eversolo

Excellent packaging, easy to set up, mostly. Sounds great after about a week of burn in. Detailed, balanced, musical sound. Aamir was helpful all the way.

This amp rocks!

First impressions — super fast shipping, fantastic packaging, and super build quality. The amp really feels like a high end piece of equipment, and I really appreciate the quality speaker binding posts — made installation a breeze!
Currently I have an older Yamaha 11.2 non-atmos preamp and I had a Parasound NC 5250 along with 2 Sony TA-N9000es amps running 11.1 with f&r height speakers. 4 years ago or so the Parasound stopped working and I switched to a 9.1 setup using the Sony amps. Immediately something was missing — movies were ok but music was just no longer as enjoyable. But now, now with the a11, that all has changed. Back to 11.1 and all the speakers sing! Better than I remember with the Parasound, and definitely better than anything I’ve ever had before! The Sonys would run out of gas and it seemed like my speakers were about to blow, but now with the extra power my speakers seem to handle loud volumes with ease now — much smoother even though I can now play even louder. Music is fantastic — details I never noticed before now come through with very nice extension into the highs. I spent my days off listening to my collection, and I look forward to many more days with this lovely monster. Thanks again for the super service, much appreciated!

Summit A7 Great Amplifier and Fantastic Service

This Amplifier is excellent. The sound detail and separation is truly fantastic. The build quality is so good, including the front panel display, the buttons, and the connections on the back. It actually feels better made and better sounding than the NAD I am now replacing. Of course when I saw this beautiful amplifier online, I was very skeptical so I wrote an email to Summit Sales highlighting my concerns and questions. Within hours I was on the phone with Aamir and we was addressing all of my concerns (parts, manufacturing, warranty, sound quality, pricing, all of it). So I agreed to give it a try and here I am a few weeks later and I couldn't be happier. It runs even cooler than my receiver, which I have now pre-out all 7 channels so that is pretty amazing too. Honestly cant say enough good things about it and the service level in particular is just next level. I hope Summit comes up with a Pre-Processor as well one day because I would surely grab one after seeing just how good the Amplifier is.
Thank you!
Other equipment: NAD T-758 V3 Receiver, Mission 770 front speakers, Paradigm Studio 60 V5 surrounds, Paradigm ADP 590 Rears, Paradigm CC590 center.


I don’t know were to Begin, I was very skeptical
About these units, Due to have been in this hobby
For well over 45 years, YES I’m an experienced old
Guy, also sold high end audio through out the 1980’s
My audio equipment consist of Names like , WADIA
CD VRDS Transports, Audio Research, Audio Note,
Conrad Johnson, Mytek, and so on, When I hooked the A8 up I had to laugh out loud , All the interconnect cables going to it plus the power cord cost more than the unit itself , my observations and opinion on it
Unbelievable I have compared it to many things costing many times the price of the A8, I would say for me it’s just about perfect. I’ve had absolutely no stumbling points and its operation and amenities.
I believe the gentleman that designed an engineered and built this unit was pure genius and the cost is absolutely utterly unheard of and this industry is it perfect almost, however, I cannot recognize any minor flaws one of the evaluating the overall unit itself however I do have some minor complaints as follows but keep in mind. I have no problem living without them. # 01 someone needs the script, a more detailed and supported user or instruction manual . # 02
I would like to say an AES / XLR SPDIF OUT but not necessary , # 03 I would like to see a little more customer support on the product that seems to be quite impossible today, but it would be so much simpler and rectifying things pertaining to the unit
I have had a few people that I have came across that
That seem to be very leery , who’s EVERSOLO Are they going to be around next year? I have stated to a few of them no one really knows what companies will be around next year, especially with the times we are living in. I wholeheartedly, believe that I have probably sold at least 3 units , From people, stopping by wanting to see what all the excitement was about some of them even brought their own DAC’s getting back to business at hand, strictly being in the world of high-end and high prices I believe the Eversolo is a wonderful unit. Had an unbelievable price. I hope everything goes well and from the units that you were turning out, I believe you’ll be around for quite a Getting back to business at hand, strictly being in the world of high-end and high prices I believe the Eversolo is a wonderful unit. Had a unbelievable price. I hope everything goes well and from the units that you were turning out, I believe you’ll be around for quite a long time, I am still somewhat amazed wonderful piece of equipment. Hopefully, this situation will keep evolving now and in the foreseeable future thank you. I remain respectfully yours. PS/ I should keep a couple of these units on hand as my listening room was my old High End Audio showroom , I would have absolutely no problem with presenting this product mainly due to it gives the customer a chance to really evaluate it. Use it. See it in person hear it in person instead of reading reviews, and YouTube reviews of Home not all, but I have no idea what they’re talking about especially when I have higher end units here from lumen , Arender, etc. and the Eversolo A8 was absolutely the way to go from a sensible and broader aspect. I only hope the company keeps up the good work excellent product. I can’t say enough. Good about it. Thank you again.

Summiit Hi-Fi A7 & channel amplifier

New to amplifiers, I searched and watched video reviews on different brands and types available. I stumbled on the Summit Hi-Fi A7 and was pleased with ALL 7 channels offering the same power. It's paired with my Onkyo TX-RZ50 which now simply runs my subwoofers and rear surround. The A7 powers the center, front left, front right, surround left and surround right speakers. My thoughts of an amplifier was to relieve the Onkyo from power all the speakers and prevent possible overheating. I have turned the combination up as far as I could stand and have yet heard any distortions from it. I felt a mere light warmth after pushing the amplifier as much as my ear could take in volume. It seems to simply take what sound it is given and reproduces it, clearly. Offering 2 power supplies, 7 equally rated channels and a nice front display with meter options is a plus. The packaging for shipping raised the bar for all other brands.

Equipment and speakers running through the Summit A-7

Onkyo TX-RZ50
Cerwin Vega VS-120 Front Speakers wired [ parallel or series, I forget which ] with JBL Studio 530's
Klipsch center channel RP 504CII
Klipsch 600M surrounds.

Tone winner and 7300 question

Now, my unit was purchased through a great guy, whom bought the unit from Aamir. I'm very much impressed with the unit. Runs like a dream ! The question I have is? I'm running it off a 15 amp recepticles. I'm going to upgrade, a dedicated 20 amp line, breaker, audiophile grade recepticles, maybe even a line conditioner at my panel. To the point, can I now use a 20 amp cord, with the unique adapter? Will I get better harmonic distortion? This question is for Aamir or any one with the qualified electrical knowledge. Thanks

Excellent small speakers

Tonewinner D4000 Subs

I bought two of these subs to replace my Polk HTS 10’s. As soon as I hooked them up I played some music and there was a significant and noticeable improvement. These subs hit low!! Where they really shine though is with movies. I decided to test them out with a random X-Men movie. There was a scene where there was a car wreck and these things shook the entire house. my 11 year-old daughter, came out of her room with this very concerned look on her face, she didn’t know what was happening and things started rattling off of her dresser in her room!!’ I don’t have them yet. Need to get proper room calibration done in the immediate future. And I know they sound so much better once that is completed. I’m super happy with this purchase

Great sound

Cannot really say anymore than others have said. Sounds great.

SVS Ultra Evolution

About a month ago I upgraded all of my home theatre speakers with the Ultra Evolution Series. I already had very good speakers but once i installed my new speakers it was incredible. I was taken aback at how clean, rich and detailed the sound was. The sound form a 4K Atmos movie is so good I would rather purchase the disk and watch the movie on my home theatre than actually go to the theater. My system has the Pinnacle Towers, center and bookshelf and two SB-4000 Subs. I also intend to replace my Atmos speakers with the Ultra Elevation. Ray

Quick delivery.. Can definitely hear and feel the difference coming from my Onkyo RZ50.. have my LCR and side satellite speakers connected..and for the price 10 stars!!!

SB3000 Slams

Wow, I knew this would be better than my old MK105 Mk2 but omg this sub is killer. It literally shakes my neighborhood. It's so good.


The AMG DAC is a wonderful sounding DAC and having owned so many Dacs in the past this is right up at the top performance wise. Was very pleased with the transaction with Summit HiFi and Aamir was so attentive to my needs, couldn't ask for more. Thanks, Alex


You may think your avr is good enough, and it may be. But who wants good enough? If you have the means, do yourself a favor and just buy it. You're welcome. Even 2 channel the difference is blatant. It's not subtle at all. It's priced way lower than it should be, honestly. And the service from Amir is even better than the products he sells.

Absolutely Amazing!

Was on the website looking to order the SW-D6000 to compare against the SVS PB-16 Ultra I already had. I wanted to compare before deciding which subwoofer to go with and then go dual. That's when I saw the SW-D8000 and was immediately drawn in. I had some additional questions, sent an email, and Aamir ended up giving me a call to discuss on the phone and answer any questions I had. After receiving the D8000, I hooked it up and started comparing it against the SVS PB-16 Ultra. After a couple of weeks, it was clear which sub I was going to end up going dual with. I ended up selling my PB-16 Ultra and then immediately contacted Aamir to place another order for a second D8000! In my room, the D8000 just hits different and definitely got lower than the PB-16 Ultra. I love using the app to control the sub and find you can make many more fine adjustments than the SVS. I'm looking forward to receiving my second D8000 and then running ARC Genesis on my Anthem AVM 70. I think I'm going to end up purchasing a Mini DSP and UMIK-1 to really fine tune the system. It goes without saying, Aamir's customer support and service are top notch and second to none! Thank you Aamir and I look forward to future products releases.

Review of AT-300 Pre-Pro and AD-5100PA Amplifier

I purchased this combo processor and amp from Amir to replace my Marantz SR 7011 A/V receiver as the HDMI board was acting up. The processor is being used for everything and 4 channels on the AD-5100PA is powering my height speakers. The versatility of this combo is incredible, starting with processing power, DSP fields, and multiple inputs and outputs for HDMI, analog, optical, SW, balanced and unbalanced ports. The only thing that needs to be done is 2 output triggers in stead of 1, WIFI capability, and quirky Bluetooth app that works and doesn't work. My main surround speakers are powered by Tonewinner AD-7300. I am using 2 SVS PB2000 Pro's for bass. I am extremely pleased with this combination with my Klipsch speakers. Amir has been absolutely amazing to deal with!!!!