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SVS-PB3000 VS Tone Winner SW-6000

I was leaning toward an SVS PB3000, which I have heard is an excellent subwoofer. Then I caught the review from Barrett of Spec of Tech on the SVS PB3000 VS the Tone Winner SW-D6000 and decided to give the Tone Winner a try, and I am so happy I did because it is an absolute beast with more headroom than I will ever need through the entire frequency range. It was less than the SVS PB3000 when I purchased it, so it was also an excellent value. I had one hiccup on the first D6000 I received when I tried to update the software with the app, but Aamir from Summit Hi-Fi did a great job of diagnosing the issue and getting me a new one fast. I highly recommend it!

Dual Tone Winner SW-D2000 12'' Subwoofers

In my opinion these are probably one of the best bang for your buck (pun intended) subwoofers on the market! As home audio and home theatre enthusiasts we have been conditioned to think that because something is priced lower than their competitors that the product must not be as good, but that is certainly not the case here! After doing extensive research online and listening to several different subwoofers out there I was advised by a good friend to contact Aamir at Summit Hi-Fi and check out what Tone Winner had to offer. After speaking with Aamir about my current setup and what my price range and bass goals were, he recommended going with dual D-2000's and after about a month of listening to them regularly I couldn't be happier. These things punch way above their weight class when it comes to value! Super clean bass with a great presence that goes LOW and can really shake a room. Having the companion app is also fantastic at this price point. It allows you to switch listening modes and volume settings with ease and has a ton of other features for those looking to really fine tune their listening experience. I want to give a huge thank you to Aamir for all of his help and expert knowledge throughout as well. This was probably the best customer service I have ever experienced and he was always happy to help with any questions that I had. He even called me once the subs arrived to walk me through the firmware update process. If you are looking to get into higher end bass and want an exceptional value for the money I would highly encourage you to give these a go!

Tonewinner D4000! - Beast of a subwoofer!

Purchased a Tonewinner D4000 12" subwoofer from Aamir at summit hi-fi a few weeks ago.

What a pleasure dealing with Aamir. He's a down to earth, genuinely kind and caring person. He'll take care of you and all of your needs and that's a guarantee!

The D4000 sub hit hard and deep. Definitely the best bang for buck subwoofer price to specs you can find. I'll be going back for a 2nd sub. I'm a major bass head so I'm even considering going two D6000's. But if you simply want a sub that'll still blow your mind and shake your house, a single D4000 will easily do that job. Makes a movie 100x more exciting and intriguing.

One thing I'll add which I know is huge to 99.9% of customers is customer service and warranty reliability... Trust me when I tell you this, Aamir will do everything to make things right if there's ever an issue (which is unlikely with these subs) and make sure you're smiling every step of the way with your new subwoofer/s!
Thanks again Aamir!

I’m a very demanding customer for good accurate sound. I replaced my hybrid sub system with 2 D6000 Subwoofers, these subs put my old set up to shame and I thought it was good. There is tons of head room, with tight deep bass. My system has never sounded so good. I had my room professionally set up to over overcome bad room acoustic, and these bad boys make the room rock & shake. This is the first time I have really been happy with the low bass. Aamir service & products are amazing.

My First Streamer

This thing is awesome working with Qobuz as a provider the thought of having access to any & all music is truly amazing. The sound quality is much better than expected, the ease of operation is even acceptable to my electronic knowledge. I'm so looking forward to record from it to my reel to reel. My wife ask a question why would you need all the other components when that single unit gives you all the quality music in one piece. It took me a moment to answer. Love it


Extremely happy with it so far!!! 👍🏽👌🏽

Nice Quality Streamer

I was looking for a quality streamer with a USB output. I purchased this unit based on all the positive reviews here and from YouTube. The internal DAC has great detail and soundstage. I do have an external DAC that I prefer and am using that instead. As a transport, the soundstage is wide with good instrument separation/texture. Aamir was able to correct my initial order from the base model to the master edition. Good service and quick replies to emails. You can’t beat no tax and an extra year of warranty.

Eversolo Streamer - Worth your consideration...

Like many people, I read and watched the many glowing reviews of the Eversolo DMP-A6 Streamer. I was looking for a streamer for my second system which sits in my living room. Up to this point that system was vinyl only. I wanted a streamer because flipping records every 20 minutes or so is a bit of a pain when you're entertaining, which we do frequently. I was also looking for a streamer that was easy to use. If it required opening an app on a phone or tablet, my wife would never use it. What caught my eye about the Eversolo was the beautiful display. More on that in a moment. Having the display and functions available right on the front of the machine made it an attractive choice.

I had seen the reviews and the price seemed to be very competitive. I reached out to SummitHiFi and they could not have been more helpful. After calling me back to answer all my questions, I put in an order. I had the DMP-A6 in my hands in just a few days - and with free shipping to boot.

After hooking it up to my McIntosh MA-5100, I can say that the reviews were not lying. This thing is incredible! The first thing I noticed, obviously, is the beautiful display. It's a good size and presents the information in a useful, yet elegant format. The DMP-A6 can be used without any need for a separate app. It does have an app and a very good one at that. It's just that it's not needed. Now even my wife and 11 year old daughter are exploring new musical worlds. Very happy about that. As for the box itself - it feels like it was machined out of a solid block of aluminum. I don't think it was but it feels that sturdy. It's a very high-end feel, fit and finish. Kudos to Eversolo.

Of course the best (and most important) part is the sound. I had seen all the reviews talk about how good this thing sounds for its price point. In my opinion, they did not exaggerate at all. The sound stage is wide and the imaging is absolutely stunning. My secondary system sits in our living room. It's a room that couldn't possibly have worse acoustics with 19' ceilings and oddly positioned walls. In spite of these shortcomings, the Eversolo DMP-A6 presents a very detailed image of the music. I can sit in front of the stereo and clearly "see" the position of all the instruments. I can get this with my primary system because that sits in an acoustically treated room. I had never had this kind of imaging on my secondary system. It brought such a smile to my face. Fantastic.

I found the sound so compelling I actually reached back out to SummitHiFi and bought the Master Edition version of the DMP-A6 for my primary 2 channel system to replace the Bluesound Node that was there previously. Although the Node is a great little streamer, especially for the price, the Eversolo beats it in every conceivable way. The soundstage is wider and deeper with incredible imaging. Musical detail beats out the Node as well, though by a slightly lesser degree than the soundstage.

If you are a serious audiophile, I'm sure you can find even an even better streaming experience by paying several multiples more for a stand alone device. If you're an entry-level to mid-level audiophile I can honestly say this streamer will not disappoint. What it achieves for the price is unbelievable.

All in all I cannot recommend this streamer or SummitHiFi enough. They were a joy to work with and the Eversolo is getting near constant use in my home. I don't think you can get much higher praise than that.

The best service of my life

Great product with a very good quality/price ratio.
The highlight for me was the purchasing experience and how Aamir was able to ship this beast to Spain incredibly quickly.
I have no words to describe the service and assistance at all times directly from Aamir.
100% recommended his service, literally the best.

good looking well made

sound great for the price looks more expensive then it costs well designed aluminum cooling side and top make it stand out for it's price class, classic uv meter gives it a nice blue glow that is unmistakably for it's look.

DMP-A6 master edition

Aamir, was great to work with. Answered all my questions and shipping was very fast. Very good experience. Veryhappy with my service

Great product Tonewinner AD-7300

I purchased two of these amplifiers for my 7.4.6 SVS ultra system with ultra towers for lcr and bookshelves for surrounds,sound wonderful now. I am running a denon avr-x6700h and have turned off all internal amplifiers, what a huge diffrence, tonnes of headroom and quality sound. I like to watch movies and music very loud at times. I listen to music in all channels stereo and amplifiers can handle load easily without issue. Very impressed with these amplifiers and would highly recommend. Amir is a great guy to deal with and very helpful, patient and knowledgeable. I have not been dissapointed with products or service. I have had many issues and have been very unhappy with other companies. I highly recommend summit hifi. Thankyou for great service and products Amir.


Performance is great. Sound is clean, more than plenty of power. Great amp.

Quality product, Great price, Amazing service, Fast delivery,

I purchased a AT-300 - 16 CHANNEL PRE-PRO from summit audio. The unit was delivered very quickly. Setup was easy. Its Sounds great. Summit audio followed up to make sure I was happy. I highly recommend Summit Audio for you Hi Fi audio needs.

Tone Winner Sub D6000

All I can say.
They are great subs, the sound and the settings that u can set from your mobile, they really good. I'm really happy with the product 👍

Eversolo DMP-A6 Master Edition streamer

After purchasing the Blusound node and trying out some low end streamers, it was pure relief to finally end up with the Eversolo. Relief from from crappy apps and ugly was a blessing to set up and use the Eversolo with its beautiful touchscreen and physical knobs. Also, the built in DAC is more than adequate. Summit Hifi made purchase very easy, with decent pricing.

Two thumbs up!!

I spent months and months looking for some subwoofers for my home theater by going through tons of reviews online. I finally decided to try a pair of SVS PB 3000's through Best Buy since I can utilized my total tech for a 60 day demo and no cost to me. (FYI, they are very good subs, just a little pricey)

I then stumbled on a YouTube review from Spec of Tech regarding the Tonewinner D6000 and the cost savings and performance intrigued me compared to my PB 3000's.

After talking to Aamir from Summit Hi-Fi I pulled the trigger on a pair of D6000 and have had them for a few weeks now. Their performance is outstanding especially for the cost! Needless to say I returned the PB's...Just the customer service Aamir provided alone was worth the switch.

TW AD-7300 2.0 Version

Aamir was very helpful in choosing the correct product for what I was looking to improve in my system.
Very pleasantly surprised, I expected it to be an upgrade from my Rotel RMB-1565 but didn't expect the gap to be so large!. My home theatre finally came alive with this amp. Runs cool and dead silent.

Highly recommended.

Superb service from Summit

The A6 delivers all it promises in terms of functionality and sonic quality. (I pair it with a Merson Frerot DAC). Upgrades offer frequent improvements. I’ve found the mostly graphic manual lacking and run into confusion using multiple control devices (the app on my iPhone, on my iPad, my computer and the remote control) that I can’t understand or resolve. So guidance in the manual or online would be helpful. Overall, a terrific value, with the potential to add an ssd for storage of ripped cds (my next step).

Great Unit

Arrived safe and sound and works wonderfully.

Very good seller😐😐

Great processor

From having this processor for over a month I'm surprised how well this piece works. When I compare this to the Marantz SR-5015 receiver with pre-out "in use" the Tonewinner blows the Marantz out of the water excited for when I get a chance to utilize the XLR connections. When it comes to the video processing and upscaling I'm really surprised in this remark. Unfortunately I had a issue where the speakers pop when I use the Xbox and switch different inputs I decided to switch the Xbox to the Tonewinner and not use eARC which I found out the Tonewinner processes the picture better then the actual TV itself and mind you this is a 65 inch Samsung Q90T which is a high end tv and the Tonewinner puts the TV's processing to shame. The costumer service I got from Amir is honestly the best very nice fella. The only negative piece I can think of it's the room correction software I thought it would bring life into the sound but I was sadly mistaken to extreme but on the other hand the unit does good with speaker distance and level calibration but when it came to the equalizer segment where the unit automatically adjusts the EQ of each speaker that was the biggest letdown. As it stands though the speaker gain, distance, and crossover settings is on point. Overall I would highly recommend this processor I'll be looking forward to when it comes time to get the Tonewinner amplifier.


Fast shipping and good communication. I will buy from them again.

Simply beautiful

DMP-6 master edition is beautiful to use, functionality is excellent and interface is great .
Excellent customer service.

Eversolo DMP-A6 ME

Excellent customer service, and Prompt delivery.
Tks Mr. Amir.