MCX- 4X300W@8 Ohms/channel; 400W@4 Ohms/channel

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"Get exhilarated by the impact of gaming sound effects Or

Experience the intensity of a 100,000 cheering crowd"


A new level of audio realism

We designed the MCX amplifiers specifically for people who are looking for the "best of both worlds" performance, between audiophile stereo music listening and explosive movie soundtracks. "Handcrafted" class A transistor circuit replaces off-the-shelf OpAmp for precise and natural sound signature.

Whether you're listening to music, playing a movie, live concert or video games, the MCX amplifier with its lightning fast dynamics and ultra-low distortion brings you to a new level of audio realism.


  • Gain (factor): x21
  • Sensitivity (to rated power): 1.6V rms
  • Input impedence: 50k Ohms
  • THD: 0.01%
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz~52KHz(-3dB)

MCX-4 Outputs

  • Power Output (RMS rated): 300W@8 Ohms/channel; 400@4 Ohms/channel
  • Idle Power (4 channels on): 30.5W@110V; 30.2W@230V






Customer Reviews

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MCX- 4X300W@8 Ohms/channel; 400W@4 Ohms/channel

Alex A.
MCX- 4X300W@8 Ohms Amplifier

I bought the Nuprime MCX-4 amplifier a few months ago from Summit-Hifi and am using the amplifier for my Left and Right Fronts as well the Centre Channel.
This unit is absolutely amazing, the sound that it produces is spectacular. This is my second Nuprime amplifier, the first one I purchased from Aamir over 1.5 years ago is the MCH-K38 (Also an amazing amplifier) which I use for my left and right surrounds and surround backs and my 4 Atmos speakers.
Once again Aamir has delivered exceptional customer service, has answered and helped me with all my questions. I can not say enough good things about him and his service. I will continue purchasing products from Aamir and Summit-Hifi. Thanks for everything Aamir.

Nuprime X MCX 4

Great product and fantastic service from Summit HI-FI !!!
Thanks Aamir !!

Brent. F.
Nuprime X. MCX 2 and MCX 4

I was looking for a dedicated amp for my fronts as well as one for center and surrounds. Having been intrigued by numerous reviews of Nuprime products, it was a pleasant surprise to find Summit Hifi carried them. I have dealt with Aamir in the past and once again I received the brick and mortar service that one normally doesn’t experience online.
I understand that it will take these amps a few hours to break in but if they are going to get better than this I will be in for a real treat. These amps are amazing. Everything I’ve thrown at them just sounds great.
Thanks again Aamir. Hit the nail right on the head.

Kevin B
NuPrime-X MCX-4

NuPrime-X MCX-4
I feel the need to start off with the conclusion. WOW! I am completely blown away by the sonics of this amp. What I noticed early on was a rather marked step towards realism - less haze/fog between me and the music that you never knew was there until you experience it. Another thing that jumped out at me was how every instrument loud or soft retains it's natural tonal character, and the impact level is commensurate with the volume level. That is a very rare thing, something I have never experienced anywhere close to this degree. Most times you will hear the impact from the instrument in the foreground, and just hear the background instruments at a certain volume level, but with virtually no impact. That to me is the biggest differentiator between recorded and live music.

This amp makes music feel live!

If these don't fly off the shelves, people are doing themselves a real disservice. At these prices, they are virtually giving these away. I would just like to thank Aamir for all of his patience and assistance. His customer service goes above and beyond. I look forward to many more purchases in the future!