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The Pure AC-4 is a high-end AC Power Conditioner that lowers the AC noise by more than 20dB. It comes with 4 Furutech FPX gold plated AC sockets, has a trigger input and output, and a circuit breaker for surge protection.

Most of our audio devices share the home AC line with other electrical appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioner and LED lights. The home appliances emit electrical noise through the AC line. It is not a problem for entry-level mass market consumer audio system, but in a high-end system where we are optimizing SNR > 90db and less than 0.1% THD+N, this is an area that we should pay attention. The Pure AC-4 improves your audio system sound stage and resolution. You can hear more details and harmonics in your music.

Most of the entry level power conditioner devices don’t do a good job of isolating the noise, and also compress the energy provided by the AC power supply. This is due to the physical characteristics of simple filter design and resulted in the loss of bass isolation and dynamics. High-end devices with a sophisticated design that can achieve excellent noise filtering without the side effects cost much more than the price of Pure AC-4. Furthermore, high power amplifiers and small signal devices require very different AC filter designs and entry-level AC filter devices are not optimized for either one of them.

There are two sets of filters inside Pure AC-4 cater to the range of target applications:

1) Small-signal sensitive devices such as the preamp, DAC, and players utilizing the two output sockets, each with a current range of 3A to 8A. An extremely powerful 7th-order LC filter circuit (using 7 high-power inductors, capacitors) with maximum 1000 times isolation performance is explicitly designed for small signal devices that are very susceptible to noise interference.

2) High power amplifiers using two output sockets, each with a current range of 10A to 15A. A 5th-order LC filter with 10 to 50 times isolation is designed to supply a maximum current of 27A. The inductor is wounded with 1.6mm thick copper wire to allow for high current flow.


Pure AC-4 outperforms all other power conditioners in its price range.


  • FURUTECH FPX high-grade electroplated 24k gold AC sockets. The FPX series has a pin insert construction that ensures increased contact areas and stable transmission.
  • AC monitoring that displays voltage, current, and power simultaneously. The display can be turned off.

We recommend that users purchase multiple Pure AC-4 devices if they need more than 4 sockets.


  • Input: 100V ~ 240VAC (50 ~ 60Hz)
  • Breaker: 15A
  • Output*: 10A x 2, 3A x 2
  • Trigger In: DC3V ~ 30V 2mA
  • Trigger Out: DC12V 50mA
  • Dimension: 330 × 253 × 74 mm
  • Weight: 3.25 Kg

*Pure AC-4 is designed to provide continuous current of 19A with instantaneous current of 35A.

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