Wiked! NuPrime In Canada

Wiked! NuPrime In Canada

NuPrime in Canada.

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All about the awesome NuPrime range of DACs and Digital amplifiers.

We're thrilled to be able to bring you the NuPrime products. As longtime NuForce enthusiasts it was only natural for us to contact Jason Lim and ask if we could represent his new enterprise in Canadian Market - previously we'd had to operate via a distributor company which was both inefficient and costly. Now the NuPrime range comes to us directly and we've been tasked to do the best possible job for you in Canada. 

In 2017 NuPrime now have a comprehensive range of models that cover both music, surround sound and multichannel. And there is more to come. You'll see that NuPrime, while being primarily active in Digital do have some excellent new analogue components. Every model from entry level upwards offers you a happy mix of both exceptional value and performance.Browse through our pages to learn more.

Thanks To Jason Lim and NuPrime