Our New Audiophile Amps

Our New Audiophile Amps

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Hello Friends,

Back in March 2018 of this year, We decided to be partnered with Tone Winner company to produce powerful, affordable & audiophile quality sound for your Hi-Fi, home theatre & gaming experience. Tone Winner Electronics  was established in 1992, specialized in researching and producing for audio electronic products. Tone Winner has become one of the most advanced companies in audio industry, & it is the hi-tech enterprise.

We were among the first to check out Tone Winners line of products so we sat down in a swanky hotel room an thought about how we can be partner up with Tone Winner and Design the Product for Canadian Market and US Market at Affordable prices.

We Always Love to talk about Power! Power! Power! The more Power The Better for the dynamics, headroom which is true, but at affordable prices thats a challenge.

Since April we have been playing around with the new product of Summit Hi-Fi and Tone Winner and made some changes and now it is ready to be launch on our web site.

We Like to show-off our new 7 & 5 Channel Amp ( 300W Per Channel @ 8 Ohms) with lights, analogue meter and gold plated RCA & XLR terminals.

With our new 7 channel amp, we have watched segments of Transformers for home theatre experience, listened to vocal jazz in two channel and played video games, and all we can say is WOW! We Got This! by the way for Front Left & Right channel The amp will provide you with more Class A Power For your HI-Fi Listening ;-) it gets better and better.

Summit Hi-Fi & Tone Winner continues to push the boundaries of what can be done without breaking the bank for our friends.

Place your order now, and we'll ship. Do Remember we offer 45 days in home trial. 

Many Thanks

Summit Hi-Fi