ELAC Uni-Fi is Coming + Free Shipping on Everything!

ELAC Uni-Fi is Coming + Free Shipping on Everything!

When I flew out to Las Vegas earlier this year for CES, I had a list of things to see. The new Chevy Bolt, Samsung Quantum Displays, some super niche wearables, and the Uni-Fi lineup by Andrew Jones.

At this point, anything Andrew designs garners quite a following (for good reason!), and this would be no different. I knew beforehand there was something new in the works; what I didn't know, is just how exciting it would be. So I hobbled into the Venetian and found my way to one of the two ELAC rooms high up in the hotel. As I took a seat, front and center, I asked the ever smiling Andrew Jones to play one of my favourite test tracks, Drum and Bass Intro by Nils Lofgren Band. There was a reason I asked for this track specifically; I had heard it on the ELAC Debut series last year, and was blown away. This experience was not dissimilar!

The venerable Uni-Fi UB5 in action.

The little UB5 bookshelf again changed the expectation of what a $500 (USD) speaker should sound like. Now, I don't describe sound in words as sound is incredibly subjective, but I will say that the quality of bass from these little guys was astounding! The standing banners behind the speakers were "dancing" as Andrew said, by the sheer volume of air coming from the UB5s rear port. 

This in mind, it is with great excitement that I get to announce that we're beginning pre-orders for the Uni-Fi series! Pricing for the lineup is as follows:

ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 Bookshelf Speaker (Pair) - $769

ELAC Uni-Fi UF5 Tower Speaker (Each) - $769

ELAC Uni-Fi UC5 Center Channel (Each) - $549

To sweeten the deal, we're now offering free shipping across Canada on ALL orders! That's right, everything! From amps to pre-amps to speakers, buy from the comfort of your own home without any added cost. Of course, whether you purchase locally or online, you're guaranteed our outstanding service. 

Pre-orders are anticipated to begin shipping in the first week of May, 2016. 

To place your pre-order, simply add your Uni-Fi product to your cart and check out. A $99 deposit will ensure that your order will ship as soon as we receive product, and the balance of payment. 

Thanks again for helping make Summit Hi-Fi Canada's fastest growing audio retailer!