What's the Deal with Summit Hi-Fi?

What's the Deal with Summit Hi-Fi?

Maybe you've read our About Us page, or maybe not; but either way, you're probably thinking, who the hell are these guys, and why should I care?

Well, we're two audio nerds with a simple idea; that "good sound doesn't have to be expensive".

Don't get me wrong, I'm a sucker for nice things, and currently I'm drooling over the $24,000 REL Gibraltar stack I heard at CES earlier this year (seriously, who doesn't want six REL subwoofers?), but truth is, I'm a long way from being able to drop a Honda Civic on my audio system. I've got bills to pay, and mouths to feed; and honestly, most of our customers do too.

 A Honda Civic worth of subwoofers. Photo Courtesy of Stereophile.

Now, we don't believe in compromises, so while all of our products may be affordable, we take care in ensuring that they perform like those costing much more. Much of what we pay for with any product we buy is brand, perception, and marketing. Not all of our brands are household audio names (though most are quite well known!), but trust us when we say we've put them through their paces.

Finally, we're big on honesty and customer service, they're the pillars on which we've built our business. You'll sometimes find us recommending products that we may not carry, or talking you out of buying something that's not the right product for you. These ideas go against traditional retail principals, but we're believers in the idea that building great relationships with our customers trumps everything else. 

There's much more we're excited to share with you in coming days and weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.

As always, feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call with your questions, concerns, or just to have a chat!