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Computer music meets audiophile sound. That’s what the DAC 2 Wireless USB Digital-to-Analogue Converter is all about. Our super simple and fun solution lets you listen to any music from your computer on your high performance NAD hi-fi system. Point-to-point wireless technology means you can just plug in the two-piece DAC 2 and start enjoying computer audio, including 24/96 music files without compression, with the least amount of fuss.


Analogue                                    2 x RCA Jacks

Digital                                          1 x Coaxial RC Jack

Sample Rate                              96kHz/24 bit

THD+N                                        0.05% (ref. 0dBFS)

Signal to Noise                          >-80dB

Analogue Output Level           2V

Coax SPDIF                               500mV ±50mV

Frequency Response             20Hz to 48kHz ±0.5dB

Digital to Analogue Converter          Delta Sigma DAC

Time Delay                                 <18rms

RF Band                                      >2.4GHz

Transmission Range               40m (line of sight)

Gross Unit Dimensions*        135 x 35 x 70mm
5 3/8 x 1 3/8 x 2 3/4″**

Transmitter                    73 x 35 x 15mm
2 7/8 x 5/8 x 1 7/16

Net Weight                     0.38kg (0.80lb)

Shipping Weight            0.62kg (1.35lb)

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