SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer

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SB-1000: Impressive deep, clean SVS-bass in an inconspicuous 13" cabinet.

Like a stick of dynamite, the SB-1000 is easy to conceal—but its impact hard to ignore. It’s the most SVS-bass that can be condensed into a 13” package. Pumping out loads of fast, clean, bottom end—action-scene punches hit you right in the gut. When it’s time to party, your music comes to life—bass lines are tight and drum beats never muddy. Elegantly finished in premium black ash, gloss piano black or gloss piano white, it fits with any décor. And yet, it’s small enough to tuck in a corner, if you need to keep it out of the way. To maximize the slam and impact of your home theater—with a minimal footprint—two SB-1000s can be paired—one on either side of your room. (Special discount available.) For big movie and music enjoyment, in a small package, go with the SB-1000.


Our Sledge STA-300D amplifier packs technology and sophistication simply not found anywhere else at this price point. Conservatively rated at 300 watts (720 watts peak dynamic).

This amp features a highly advanced DSP processor offering unmatched control over the subwoofer at all drive levels, for the ultimate in refined behavior. The control knobs are actually digital actuators for precise and noise-free adjustment.

Comprehensive and flexible connectivity options allow for easy set-up and integration into any home theater or stereo system.


With SVS, compact and affordable doesn’t mean compromising on performance. The 12” driver in the SB-1000 pumps out loads of deep and powerful bass with low distortion, for smooth and accurate performance on music and movies.

  • FEA-optimized motor technology for low distortion.
  • Long-throw suspension for high output at deep frequencies.
  • High-power voice coil for excellent thermal management.
  • Lightweight 12" cone for enhanced sensitivity and transient response.
  • Rubber surround for durability and long-life.



Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Kendrick Galano
Great subwoofer and service

Seamlessly integrates in system. Great functionality - app is much better than expected. Aamir from Summit was very accommodating with my purchase. Recommended on all fronts.

David S
SB-1000 Review

Thank you Aamir for letting me compare the SB-1000 to the SB-2000 Pro in my home.The SB-1000 is great performer for small to medium sized rooms that need a compact unit. For such spaces,the easy to access manual rear controls for volume, crossover and phase are preferable, in my view than those on later models that require the SVS smartphone app - just set and forget. My listening room is large-3350 cu ft, with placement limitations that require more tweaking, so I upgraded to the SB-2000 Pro.

Matt Carr
SB 1000

Great subwoofer for a living room setup. Sounds excellent with music, really nice transients. Doesn't get quite as low down as the PB 1000, but the quick and tight response makes up for that.

Aamir was a pleasure to deal with, incredible customer service. Will definitely purchase here again!

Brian P
Unbelievable bass!

Sb1000 arrived last week, and couldn’t be more excited! I heard some subs in this price range and boy does this sb1000 take the cake! Produces waaaaay deeper bass then anything else under $900!
Truly an amazing subwoofer!
A big thanks to Aamir and SUMMIT HI-FI for the excellent customer service! Highly recommended!!!!!

Chad Tait
Two thumbs up from this guy.

Very happy with summit Hi-Fi. I received a phone call the next business day saying thank you for choosing summit and your item will be shipped out today. It was good to speak with a person and not only get the auto reply email.