NAD M22 Stereo Power Amplifier

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Connect to the emotion of live performance through detailed sound, with both amazing control and transparency. While it is easy to find amplifiers that can excel in one or two areas, the M22 is an amplifier that truly does everything well. Wide open-loop bandwidth, extremely low-phase shift, almost non-existent noise, and high current capability all add up to one incredible performance. Wielding NAD’s PowerDrive™ circuit topology, the M22 delivers unbelievable power to any loudspeaker. Distortion and noise become functionally nonexistent and nearly unmeasureable thanks to the M22’s switch mode design, resulting in a clear, amazing sound. Possessing harmonic and intermodulation distortion independent of load, as well as low output impedance uniformly at all audible frequencies, the M22 is a powerhouse unit built to break down barriers to audiophile-grade sound.


Continuous output power into 8 Ohms and 4 Ohms (Stereo) >250W (at rated THD, 20Hz-20kHz, both channels driven)
THD+N 20Hz-20kHz, CCIF IMD, SMPTE IMD, DIM 100 <0.003% (250mW to rated power, 8 Ohms and 4 Ohms)
Clipping Power (8 Ohms) >300W (at 1kHz 0.1% THD)
IHF Dynamic Power

355W at 8 Ohm

640W at 4 Ohm

620W at 2 Ohm

Peak Output Current >50A (ref. 1 Ohm, 1ms)
Signal/Noise Ratio,

A-weighted, ref. 1W - >98dB

A-weighted, ref. rated power - >120dB

Damping Factor >800 (ref. 8 Ohms, 50Hz and 1kHz)
Frequency Response 3Hz-30kHz (ref. -3dB)
Input Impedance

RCA - 17 kilohm + 200pF

XLR - 200 kilohm + 100pF

Input Sensitivity 1.6V (ref. rated power)
Voltage Gain 29dB
Minimum Input Level for Auto Trigger 10mV at 1kHz
Standby Power <0.5W
Idle Power 40W
Unit Dimension (WxHxD) – Gross

435 x 103 x 379mm

17 1/8 x 4 1/16 x 14 15/16 inches

Net weight 8.9kg (19.6lb)
Shipping Weight 15kg (33.1lb)

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