Copy of AD -8PA Class A Amp - 6 Channel - Summit Hi-Fi
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Class A Amplifier

  • Full balance preamp decoding adopts 6pcs 24BIT/192KHZ high end converting DAC chip AD1955.
  • Adopts 50pcs low JITTER digital audio receiving chip AD4118A.
  • Adopts two CIRRUS, 32bit high speed audio DSP chips, can precisely adjust dual 22-bit parameter EQ digital equalizer.
  • High/Mid/Low dual three-frequency, 6 channels of Hi-Fi digital crossover circuit.
  • Analog IN: 3 RCA, 1 XLR. Digital IN: 1x Coaxial, 3 Optical.
  • Low distortion, 0.25Db stepping MUSE72320 high end volume control circuit.
  • 6 channels of Class A, full symmetrical, dual differential, balance circuit design.
  • Adopt 40pcs 150W/15A TOSHIBA power transistors.
  • Adopts low resistance, low leakage,1500W big power toroidal transformer. And up to 18000F filter capacitor.
  • THD:<0.008%(1KHz)
  • Frequency response:10Hz-70KHz
  • SN: preamp>110dB

       Amplifier>107dB (A weight)

  • MAX no distortion power output:

                Low: 200Wx2

                Mid: 200Wx2


  • Power output:150Wx2.
  • Size

               Preamp: 444x395x89(mm)[WxDxH]

               Amp: 444x449x294(mm)[WxDxH]

  • Weight

             Preamp: 11KGS



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