C 510 - 35 BIT Direct Digital Preamp DAC - Summit Hi-Fi
C 510 - 35 BIT Direct Digital Preamp DAC - Summit Hi-Fi C 510 - 35 BIT Direct Digital Preamp DAC - Summit Hi-Fi

The C 510 Direct Digital™ Preamp/DAC promises to redefine hi-fi separates. For decades, audiophiles have organized their systems with a source component, such as a CD player, along with a preamplifier and a power amplifier driving a pair of speakers. This has recently changed and today, the CD player might be replaced by a computer or dedicated music streamer connected to the Internet or local Network Attached Storage. The best of these are capable of streaming high-res 24-bit studio master recordings, which are now readily available. Thanks to the incredible convenience and stunning sound quality of computer audio, many music lovers have completely replaced all physical media with digital music files. It is for this purpose that the C 510 Direct Digital Preamp/DAC was created.

  • No noise, no distortion

Unlike a traditional analogue preamplifier, the C 510 Direct Digital Preamp/DAC does not produce any noise or distortion that can obscure detail and limit the performance of many systems.

  •  Direct DigitalTMInnovation

Built using the incredible processing power and precision of our own Direct Digital™ architecture, the C 510 ushers in a new era of affordability for state-of-the-art performance. 

  • Well Connected

The C 510 includes connectivity for a wide variety of digital sources including an Asynchronous USB Type B port for direct connection to your PC or Mac. Meaning that the C 510 provides the precision clock for the USB data rather than the imprecise clock in the computer, plus it supports sampling rates of up to 24-bit/192kHz. 

  • Thoughtful, simple design

The analogue output operates in true balanced mode driven by a Class A biased operational amplifier. Both Balanced XLR and single-ended outputs are provided to get the best performance with any amplifier.

  • All Digital, all day long

As a pure digital device, analogue inputs have not been included. This purity of design and singleness of purpose is in the very best tradition of high-end audio.


Rated Distortion (THD+N with AES 17 filter)        0.0005% (ref. 1kHz 0dBFS)

                                                                                  0.002% (ref. 1kHz -60dBFS)

Signal/Noise Ratio                  <-123dB (ref. 0dBFS 2V out)

Channel Separation                > -115dB (ref. 0dBFS Volume -1dB)

Sample Rate                            32kHz to 192kHz (USB and digital S/PDIF)

Frequency Response             ±0.5dB (ref. 20Hz-96kHz @ 192kHz sample rate)

Output Level                            2V (ref. input 0dBFS)



SPDIF Coaxial x 1

Optical x 1

HDMI x 2 (2-channel PCM)

USB Class 2 Audio: asynchronous 24/192 support


Trigger In                  12V ±20%



 HDMI Video Out (3D video pass through)


Analogue                                                                            47 Ohms (unbalanced)

                                                                                               110 Ohms (balanced)

Trigger Out                                                                                             12V ±20%

AC Supply                                                                        100-240V AC ~ 50/60Hz

Standby Power                                                                                              0.5W

Idle Power                                                                                                       16W

Unit Dimension (WxHxD) – Gross               435 x 99 x 309mm

                                                                       17 1/8 x 3 15/16 x 12 3/16 inches

Net Weight                                                         4.7kg (10.4lb)

Shipping Weight                                                5.6kg (12.3lb)


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