Dynaudio, NuPrime, HIFIMAN, Oh My!

The Jays are in the playoffs, the Leafs are getting ready to stink it up again, and Halloween candy is on the shelves at Costco, it must be October!

As the long, cold, Hi-Fi season fast approaches, we've decided to bolster our product lineup with a couple of great new brands. Being that we wouldn't sell you anything we wouldn't buy ourselves, here's a bit of a rundown of what we're bringing in:


You can't mention speaker drivers without mentioning Dynaudio. No other brand has supplied drivers to as many high end brands as Dynaudio. From the venerable Wilson W/P to the much loved Totem Forest, you needn't look far to find the famous Danish made drivers. 

Using lower order crossovers, in-house drivers, and only the finest components, these Danish made speakers will show you naturalness like never before. Call us or pop by to check out the Emit, Excite, or upcoming Contour range.

Standout product: Emit M10 - The smallest, most affordable Dynaudio punches well above its weight. WAF for the white version is through the roof!


Winning numerous awards from Stereophile and TAS, NuPrime is quickly establishing itself as the premier digital amplifier manufacturer. Using proprietary Class AD amplifier modules, and DSD DAC chips, these guys know how to make a snappy, warm sounding system.

We've got most of the lineup on the floor for display and on our website as always!

Standout product: IDA-16 Integrated Amplifier - 200wpc Class AD, DSD DAC, stunning looks, and affordable to boot, this thing might just be making the guys at Devialet a little nervous.


If you don't know HIFIMAN, you're missing out on arguably the hottest name in high end headphones. These guys went from being an eccentric planar dynamic headphone manufacturer, to stealing the high end crown from Audeze. If you're a speaker guy and think headphones can't move you, give these a listen...

Standout Product: HE-560 - Yes, it's over a thousand bucks, which in my day was a crazy amount of money for headphones, but these aren't headphones, they're fine art. Made with real wood, leather, and planar magnetic drivers, these are the Porsche 911 of the headphone world. That's to say they're balanced, smooth, and provide a driving experience that can't be experienced elsewhere. 


As always, feel free to pop by, give us a call, or shop online. We're at your service!